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1)  What is required to build business credit?

You have to start a corporate or LLC first with an EIN (employer identification number).  Once you have an active and valid corporation then you can begin the credit-building process.

2)  What if I don't live in the U.S. or don't have U.S. citizenship.  Can I still do this?

Yes.  In fact, you are required to have a U.S. LLC or corporation if you plan on investing in U.S. real estate or build a U.S. business and are foreign to the United States.

3)  Why can't I just use my personal credit to start a business or invest in real estate?

This opens you up to too much risk.  If your business fails or something happens to any of your investment properties including having to foreclose or someone sues you, if you have a business or real estate under your own personal credit then you are unnecessarily personally exposed to financial risk.

4)  I have bad personal credit.  Will building business credit help me?

Yes, it will.  It will allow you to bypass your personal credit and use business credit for business loans and unsecured business credit cards.  However, if you do have poor personal credit, you should consider starting the process of fixing your personal credit too and not just use your business credit for credit because it's never recommended to use business credit for personal use.

5)  Is it expensive to start a business credit profile?

It will cost you some money to do this.  You will have to get a corporation in your home state (or if you are foreign to the United States then you need a Nevada corporation), a business address and phone number, and a DNB number.  All of this will initially cost you up to $1,000.

6)  Isn't it better to have a service or attorney-assisted program set up my business credit for me?

Not necessarily.  It can be extremely costly using services since they bill you monthly and it usually takes a much longer time frame to set up your business credit because they want to bill you as much as possible.  All of the credit-building techniques can be done yourself for a fraction of the time and cost if you follow a very simple set of instructions.

7)  I want to use business credit to help me invest in real estate.  Is this a recommended plan?

Yes, it is.  Whenever you are starting (or expanding) a business or investing in real estate you should NEVER use your personal credit and you should ALWAYS use business credit.  No exceptions!  Using business credit to invest in real estate will minimize your personal credit and financial risk while allowing yourself to maximize your leverage because of the larger dollar amounts that will be available to you in the form of loans.  Also, many real estate investors who use their personal credit end up "hitting a wall" after about four (4) property purchases.  This drastically limits your ability to build up a large real estate portfolio.  When building and using business credit for real estate investing purposes, you will find that you can get more loans from lenders and banks because businesses are looked at differently by lending institutions and are usually allowed to borrow more money for investing purposes than an individual can.

8)  Most other business credit courses are very expensive compared to yours.  What's the catch?

Many other courses on the topic of building business credit can run you a minimum of $300 and as high as $3,000 (not including "up sells" or other back end services).  This course is only $97 and there is no catch.  It's a complete course that will show you step-by-step how to build massive amounts of business credit in the shortest amount of time.

9)  How long does it take to build business credit?

To get started with a strong credit profile, it takes about 90 days.  However, building business credit is a continuous process.  It's not something that you do and then stop doing after you are "done."  You will continue building business credit for many months to come as you constantly improve your business credit score, which will allow you to borrow more and more money for business purposes.

10)  So, how long will it take for me to get an unsecured business line of credit for $50,000?  What about qualifying for $100,000 or more?

If you follow the steps and instructions as provided in the course materials, it should take you between 30 and 90 days to qualify for an unsecured business line of credit and unsecured business credit cards of up to $50,000.  It will take you about 6 to 12 months to qualify for up to $250,000 or more, provided that you continue the continuous process of building credit, as instructed in the course materials.


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